Ultra Fuel Advance


Ultra Fuel Advance


Gives instant energy.

Contains excellent blend of Mono and Disaccharides.

Consists of vitamins and minerals.

Added vitamins, minerals, Glutamine and electrolytes.


The new spn’s Ultra fuel advance comes in various delicious flavors.

This product supplies body with instant energy boost which helps in improving the workout session.

It is the best drink to have during and post-workouts as it supplies your body with vital minerals and vitamins and is an instant energizer.

Ultra fuel Advance is a best summer drink. In summers it supplies your body with electrolyte that your body loses dude to the extreme heat during summers.


Dosage and directions for use:

Mix Ultra Fuel Advance (30gm) in 200-300 ml water. Mix it well.

Allergen info

Contains milk and milk derivatives. Not suitable for diabetics.

Generally safe for all. But some might be allergic to the components it consist. Kindly stop consuming it if you face any side effect.


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