Pre-workout Jello

Pre-workout Jellos

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There are people who don’t like carrying shaker bottles or they’re clumsy like me, who face water spilling from the shaker while preparing their pre-workout drink. Are you one of them? Do not worry here is a recipe to make quick Pre-workout Jello.

I’ve come up with a fun way of having the pre-workout drink. You can now eat the pre-workout drink instead of sipping it.

We all loved popping jellies in our mouths when we were kids. Now we cannot do that because of the high sugar content in them, but we can surely make replacements by making them nutritious and then guilt freely relish on them.

These jellos will give you an energy boost, help with muscle recovery, enhance your workout performance, provide your body with those essential amino acids and obviously satiate your sweet jelly cravings without making you feel guilty about it.

These are called ‘The BCAA Jellos’. These jellos are a hassle-free version of your liquid BCAA drinks. You can make them in as many flavors as you wish. To make the tastiest jellos you can opt for the brand which I prefer the most ‘Sam Prolife Nutrition BCAA or Spn’s BCAA’. They have around 12 different tasty fruit flavors available with the right amount of everything.

Below is the method and ingredients for Pre-workout Jello preparation:
All you need is:

  • A scoop of any flavored BCAA
  • A pack of plain gelatin
  • And water


  • First, grab a scoop of any flavor BCAAs (approx11g) and put it in a big bowl along with plain powdered gelatin.
  • Take around 2.5 cups of water and heat it. The water should be hot enough to dissolve the powdered gelatin.
  • Pour the water into the bowl. Keep stirring till the gelatin completely dissolves in the water.
  • Once it’s dissolved, stick the whole thing in your fridge and leave it overnight so it sets.
  • The next morning you’ll find a whole bowl of jiggling BCAA jello loaf 😀
  • Cut them in cubes or just have it with a spoon (as you like).

(Variant)You can even pour the whole liquid thing into moulds with different shapes (bears, hearts, animal shapes, etc) and then freeze it in case you miss your childhood jellies a lot :

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