How to eat junk food smartly?

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How to eat junk food and lose weight at the same time?

Liking and eating junk food is not an issue, but over-eating it is an issue. You might see many people feast on junk food like there’s no one watching them, and these people are mostly thin. JEALOUS? Right. There’s no point in getting jealous of them as they are either blessed with great metabolism or have unraveled the art of eating it smartly. We can’t grab their metabolism but can definitely seize the knowledge of smart eating.  

Here are a few ways in which you can eat junk food smartly:

Control portion size- When it comes to the junk we start eating and there’s no going back. Try not to eat at the outlet itself, as we tend to overeat. When you have junk food always order a small portion of it. Use smaller sized dinnerware and fill up half of your plate with salad. Do not go ‘la-la’ behind those eye-catchy advertisements.

D-I-Y Junk food- Craving for junk food is not a sin. Eating it also is not a problem. The next time you crave any fried food, sweets, etc, try preparing it by yourself. This helps! As the amount of time and hard work it takes will automatically lower your junk food consumption and cravings. But food manufacturers have made eating these formerly expensive and hard-to-make treats so cheap and easy that we’re eating them every day. The fast-food chains where we eat French-fries have taken over the processes of washing, peeling, chopping, frying the potatoes and then cleaning up the mess. When we do these things by ourselves, its hell a lot of work to do and so we have less. The same is with sweets, cakes, savories, etc.

Keep your kitchen junk-food free- Refrain from filling up your kitchen racks and fridge with junk-food, for example, do not store fried foods, refined flour biscuits, sweets, ice cream, etc. whenever you feel like having them, walk-down to the store that sells it and have it there. This will help you eat them in moderation and you won’t have them every now and then. 

Slow-down- Eat your morsels as slowly as possible. Digestion begins in the mouth itself. When you eat slowly you have improved digestion, better absorption of nutrients, aids weight loss and satisfies your hunger quickly. Eating slowly helps curb your hunger pangs.

Eat around others- This is the best possible way to eat in limits according to me as this works for me totally. When we’re around others we tend to be shy and hence eat in moderation or even less. Go out with a group of friends or go for get-togethers 

Control binge eating- Have a diet high in protein. High protein diets help keep fuller for longer and keep you away from binge eating. Try controlling your binge eating sessions. Have binge meals once in a while. Choose foods that are high in protein and low in fats even if it’s your cheat meal.

Eat foods that are available in nature and not factory-made- Replace the factory foods that you eat with the natural foods. Replace chewy candies with dried/normal dates, sugary drinks with sugarcane/natural fruit juices, Cheetos with cheese, refined flour with whole-grain flour, etc. these foods are easily digestible and gut-friendly.

So here are some few ways to eat junk food and lose weight simultaneous.

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How to eat junk food smartly?

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