Causes and Remedies for PCOS

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Is hormonal Imbalance reversible?

Yes! Definitely,

These all are self-tried and I have made no exaggeration as even I suffered from menstrual health issues, obesity, bloating and everything that I’ve mentioned above. I’ve written this article based on my experience and the changes I made in my lifestyle. We just need to be free from an unhealthy lifestyle and we’ll free from health issues. I hope you find this article helpful.

What causes it?

We have brought a drastic change in our eating habits, maybe it’s because of the time constraints we have or just we have got a habit of neglecting and taking our health for granted. We have made fast food our habit and binge on sugary, deep-fried delicacies. ‘fast food=fast fat’ (fast bad health) this is a simple equation and we need to take this seriously. All these processed foods, sugary desserts, high-fat food give us no nutrition and are causing havoc to our health, they make us fat as well as have a toll on our menstrual health as well. These all trigger the hormone production in our body, mess with our hormones and what not!


Ladies at a young age have started facing problems like ‘PCOD, PCOS, Infertility, extreme hair loss, hair thinning, gaining weight, irregular periods, mood swings, bloating, acidity, inflammation, trouble losing weight’ etc. We need to provide the right nutrition to our body for it to function the way it is designed to function. For example ‘if we fill a car running on petrol with diesel, it will obviously not work as it is supposed to work and you might end up ruining its engine’. The same is with our bodies if you don’t provide it with the right foods it will ruin its processing. If our menstrual health is good our overall health can be good.

Quit the ‘simple’:

Try quitting the simples, be it simple carbs or simple ways to cure some issues. The most simple way out to cure hormonal imbalance is by popping in pills. THIS IS A MYTH. We do not need to pop in pills in our system to cure it. These problems are not curable but are definitely reversible. You have to make a lifestyle change and trust me it’s not difficult and won’t cost you any extra money. Just eat mindfully, and next time you feel like eating the unhealthy stuff just before you put it in your mouth ask yourself if your body needs this and I bet you won’t pop it in. just get rid of all the unhealthy stuff that you have stored in your kitchen and replace them with healthy stuff, so when you’re really hungry and wish to grab a bite you will have to eat the healthy stuff because you won’t have a choice. If you’re a working professional and just can’t help bingeing on stuff now and then, fill your office desk drawer with things like ‘dried fruits, healthy hi-fiber digestive biscuits, baked snacks, home-made protein bars, makhanas, etc’, and eat them.

Make replacements:

You just need to make small replacements. Replacements like (maida to whole wheat or any other millet, white rice to brown rice, fried foods to baked foods, cold fizzy drinks to vegetable juices, normal milk and sugar tea to herbal/green tea, normal biscuits to high-fiber digestive biscuits, artificial sugary drinks to sugarcane juice, normal milk to almond/soymilk, fried/sugary snacks to fruits). These foods are high in fiber and are easily digestible by our system, so you can overcome bloating, acidity, heartburn, etc. Keep yourself well hydrated. You see these changes rather decisions are not at all difficult to make. Just with the right foods, everything can go right regarding our health. With the right food choices and the right lifestyle, even problems like diabetes can be reversed.

Prioritize Protein:

Protein plays a vital role in balancing our hormones. Having at least 1g of protein/1kg of your body weight is essential, which normally people forget to intake. Right amounts of protein help cut down fats, aids/accelerates weight loss and balance hormones. Include high-quality protein foods in daily diet. You can also opt for good quality protein supplements. you can try SPN’s ‘She Protein’ or ‘Iso Whey’ for best quality protein supplements.

Cut off Stress:

The main thing to cut down from our lives to have a healthy reproductive/menstrual system is to cut down on stress. The rise of cortisol (stress hormone) levels does havoc on our hormones. Just try going with the flow and do not stress about things that are not in your hands or things that you can’t change. Stop overthinking. Let go, as these cause health issues. Just ask yourself is it worthy of your time, If ‘yes’ make if better and if ‘No’ then just let it go. Do not even stress about your delayed periods, this will make your problem even worse. Just work for it and make desired changes. Meditate before going to bed and after waking up for 10 minutes. Schedule your work-out regime, do yoga, read more, dance, relax, try cutting down anger, love yourself, be good to others and to yourself, and just do anything that makes you happy and stress-free. All this will give rise to the ‘happy hormone‘ and lowers your cortisol levels. Anyone or anything happy feel good right! Try losing that extra weight that you’ve put on because of the wrong eating patterns, but do not starve yourself to lose weight just eat and exercise right. Healthy menstrual health will give you healthy hair, healthy acne-free skin, healthy feeling body and everything healthy.

Include herbs:

Try including herbs like Shatavari, ashwagandha, mulethi in your lifestyle, these help in lowering cortisol levels and are beneficial for women’s health. Ask your family doctor before taking these if you’re already on some medication or have some health issues. Try including cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, a bit of jaggery, green leafy vegetables, fruits, salmon/omega3 rich foods, protein-rich foods in your daily diet. Have a gooood sleep, yeah that’s how good it should be.  Getting your menstrual health on the right track is a slow and steady process. Just east right, feel right, live right and everything will be alright.

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